Wish-You-More CBD Mouth Oil consists of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the female hemp plant and a high-quality organic hemp seed oil as a cold-pressed carrier oil. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not have an intoxicating effect. In addition, it can have a calming and anxiety-relieving effect on the user. For balance, equilibrium and vitality. 

10 ml per bottle. 1000 mg CBD per bottle. Approx. 300 drops per bottle. 3.33 mg CBD per drop. Pipette bottle ensures easy dosing in drop form.  

  • 10% CBD oil from CO2 extraction.
  • Less than 0.2% THC according to legal requirements.
  • Full spectrum organic hemp extract from commercial hemp 
  • Highest bioavailability 
  • Gentle alcohol-ultrasonic extraction 
  • Dissolved in cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil 
  • Contains terpenes 
  • Laboratory tested 
  • Produced in Austria to the highest quality and safety standards 
  • Vegan 
  • Free from genetic engineering, heavy metals and pesticides 
  • Without fragrances 
  • Long shelf life

How does CBD work? 

CBD is not psychoactive, unlike its intoxicating counterpart THC. Both belong to the phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids are naturally occurring cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Other certain plants may also contain cannabinoids, but the hemp plant is by far the most potent. In general, cannabidiol is well tolerated and has no potential for dependence or abuse. The human body has several receptors that respond to cannabinoids. The best known are cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2). The CB1 is found in the central nervous system and the nervous system of the gut. The CB2 is found on cells of the human defence system and on cells that regulate bone metabolism. These two receptors are part of the so-called endocannabinoid system, which regulates various processes in the body. 


Thus it has an influence on the: 

  • Performance of the defence system 
  • Pain perception 
  • Development of fears 
  • Mood 
  • Regulation of appetite, sleep and body temperature.  

Our CBD mouth oil contains terpenes. These are compounds found in plants that give them their distinctive smell or taste. Terpenes are fragrant oils that, in the case of the cannabis or hemp plant, are found in the sticky resin glands. They can therefore be found in the same place as other cannabinoids such as CBD. Terpenes can contribute to the synergistic effects of cannabinoids, which is why they are an essential component of hemp.


Our CBD oil is characterised by a pleasant mild taste. We achieve this by using organic hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, which is cold-pressed from peeled organic hemp seeds in a gentle process. 

Recommended consumption Dosage 

Shake well before use. Apply 1-3 drops under the tongue 3 times a day and leave to act for at least 1 minute, then rinse with water. The cannabidioles are absorbed through the oral mucosa.  

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.  

Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place, away from light and in a cool place. Use within 90 days after opening.  


Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Consult your doctor in case of allergies or other medical conditions. 


Produced in Austria.


High quality amber glass bottle protected from light and oxidation.

Quality and purity  

Our oral oil is made from natural raw materials and is produced in Austria. Our cannabidiol extract is obtained from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. The hemp extract is added to our CBD mouth oil in a way that ensures optimal bioavailability. 

Our certificates of analysis for cannabinoid profile, microbiology, absence of heavy metals and pesticides have been carried out exclusively by independent laboratories. 

  • Without pesticides 
  • Laboratory tested quality 
  • Cold-pressed organic hemp oil as a carrier substance  
  • Free from: Sugar, lactose, gluten, fructose, preservatives, synthetic colourings, fillers such as magnesium stearate and release agents. 
  • High-quality, light-protected amber glass bottle 


Organic hemp seed oil (cold pressed), 10 % CBD oil (CO2 extraction), < 0.2 % THC